Specialist Group on Ethnopolitics

Specialist Group on Ethnopolitics

We are a multidisciplinary, international network of academics and practitioners with an interest in ethnopolitics, established under the auspices of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom and convened by Karl Cordell and Stefan Wolff.

The group, as per its constitution, exists to serve the interests of its members, and its activities are driven by them. The main purpose of the group is to facilitate academic and policy-relevant research within the broadly defined field of ETHNOPOLITICS, to enhance the breadth and depth of teaching in our area of interest, and encourage exchange and debate between interested members of the Specialist Group on issues related to, among other things, the origin, development, and settlement of ethnic conflicts. The Specialist Group is open to the sharing of ideas, including across disciplinary boundaries, and is not confined to any specific theoretical or methodological approach to the study of ethnopolitics.

The Specialist Group’s activities comprise a mailing list, the publication of quarterly academic journal and of a series of working papers, and the convening of workshops and panels at conferences.

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