Safety for Woman and Children in the Developing World

Safety for Woman and Children in the Developing World

One of the biggest issues in the developing world is the safety of woman and children. They are the most exploited segment of society, and should, equally, be the highest priority for protections from government and social action groups.

Some basic elements that should be addressed include:

  • Basic access to feminine health care.
  • Protection for attacks, child marriage, sexual harrassment and assault.
  • Access to basic childcare equipment, like baby wraps, diapers, baby bottles, formula, etc.

These issues shouldn’t really be controversial, but unfortunately they aren’t the primary focus of many country’s governments or their population.  Rampant misogyny is still the norm in many places, and that doesn’t even exclude the developed nation.

It also disproportionately effects women and girls of color.  The recent flood of allegations against powerful men throughout the United States is just the tip of the iceberg, and shows the environment that many women and girls have to live in throughout the world.

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