Getting Bail Bond Services When You Feel Discriminated

Getting Bail Bond Services When You Feel Discriminated

Getting Bail Bond Services When You Feel Discriminated

The bail bond system has been accused of discriminating the poor and the middle class, as well as sometimes being against some ethnic groups or race. Judges, at times, can discriminate when they are setting bail, but thanks to the competition between bond dealers, the impact of discrimination has been lessened.

When the bail has been set high, the defendant needs to find the best bail bond service to ensure they get the best deal. If for instance, your bail bond is set ten times higher than that of another defendant charged with the same crime, you can still get a good deal. In most cases, bail bonds service will be willing to pay your bond at a lower percentage fee, like 3 percent, to ensure you do not lose much.

High Bail Bonds and Low Fees

A bond dealer will offer to pay bail bond even when it has been set high due to discrimination. If, for instance, a bail bond is set at $5,000 and $50,000 for two people charged with the same crime, the bond dealer might offer 5,000 with 10 percent non-refundable fee and only 4 percent in 50,000.

The first case, the person who receives $5000 has a high probability of fleeing as they know the bond dealer will be more concerned with a higher amount than concentrating on $5000. The lower fees on, the higher bail mean that the defendant has a lower probability of flight and the higher fee in the low bond shoes that the defendant is likely to run away.

Finding a Good Bail Bond Service

You will need to find a good bail bond service to ensure that a high discriminatory bond is paid for at a lower fee. If your bond is set ten times or more than your lawyer thinks it should, then your only savior is a bail bond dealer. You can find the best by performing simple comparisons and asking them questions about their services.

Your lawyer might recommend a good service; they know for you to check out. With so many services today, finding the right one needs you to be keen and involve your lawyer on every step. You need a low fee with no hidden charges, and as such, transparency from a service is very crucial.

Is There Discrimination?

There have been cases where people alleged to have their bail bonds set unfairly high. Claims of ethnicity-related discrimination by the bail setting system are also not unheard of.
For judges, there is the need to reduce the cases of flight and hence the bail bond system. While most of the claims are not substantiated, defendants need to know how to escape the harsh system by getting themselves a good bond dealer.

So, Which is the Best Bail Bond Service?

Competition among bail bond dealers has worked to ensure that more than half of the repercussions of racially or ethnically disparate bail setting have been mitigated. If you are patient, you can find the best bail bond service.

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